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5 Essential Enhancements for Your Bathroom Remodel Project


Every homeowner knows the hardship of maintaining a good quality of the bathroom. Apart from it is one of the places which is mostly exposed to a variety of factors causing damage its components are also delicate and are hard to maintain.

Good looking and well-maintained bathroom domes with a lot of benefits. From adding value to your property to keeping your family safe and healthy. As we utilize our bathroom daily, it tends to acquire damages as well as soap and dirt buildups that can cause health and safety risks. However, while bathroom renovations are the best solution for this matter a lot of homeowners tend to neglect the idea due to potential expenses without knowing there are so many benefits and advantages with a well-functioning and maintained bathroom.

Luckily we have gathered the best and essential enhancements for your bathroom that will serve your family and your home for an extended period from below.

5 Essential Enhancements for Your Bathroom Remodel Project featured image duracarebaths

Plumbing System

We all know how every bathroom works in improving every property’s real estate value. But, outdated styles and damages may hold you back from achieving a reasonable price for your property; thus, it is essential to consider giving your bathroom a bit of improvement.

Although every part of your bathroom might look and function well, there is part of it that requires extra attention, one of which is the plumbing system. There is a countless list of potential causes of clogged drains from clumped soaps creating gunk to hair and other materials that accidentally goes down your drains. Getting rid of blocked drains might get a little complex for smaller drains.

Of you are thinking twice about spending money on installing more significant drains feel about the potential bigger expenses of frequent repairs.

Modern Shower Floors

When you finally made up your mind for a total bathroom remodel better check your flooring tiles first. Not unless you have textured flooring tiles, the large size of tiles may not be that ideal for a place that’s frequently exposed to water and chemicals that can make it slippery. Installing a smaller tile size would be a great idea to reduce slipperiness in your bathroom.

Making your bathroom a safe place for your family is imperative as they utilize it daily. Smaller tile sizes for bathroom floor works in promoting better traction, making it safer for your little kids and older loved ones. Moreover, the potential cost of an accident due to slip and fall might cause you more than having to install better tiles for your bathroom floor.


Better Lighting 

Not everyone appreciates its importance but having better lighting for your bathroom is also essential. If your current bathroom light creates a decadent ambiance on the room maybe now is the time to consider recessed light installation. Furthermore, if you like adjusting light mood in your bathroom, installing a dimmer switch would be a great idea.

Window Placement

The shower can look beautiful when it has an adequately placed window that can be opened up for fresh air. One window that’s excellent for those who are conscious of privacy is a frosted-glass panel window.

When getting a window for the bathroom, it’s essential to get one that has plastic handles to keep the handles from rusting. The window’s stone jams must also be watertight.

Homeowners can get a tilt-and-turn window in their shower since it can give people the privacy they need when bathing even when the window is tilted open.

Installing Cabinets

When you think of bathroom aesthetics, the first thing that comes in your mind is the cabinets. Apart from practicality enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom is also essential. Apart from its designs, color you should also consider making it more functional.

Functionality and organization inside your bathroom help create bigger space making cabinets a useful feature.

As much as we want to spend less in bathroom renovation or remodel considering amendments sometimes helps us save more money from repairs.

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