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Infographic: 7 Tips When Looking for a Bathroom Contractor

Having the best bathroom contractor is important if you want to have a successful bathroom renovation project.

A professional bathroom contractor can confidently tell you the cost, the renovation options, and the time estimate on when the bathroom remodeling project will be done.

Having a contractor that has no idea what he/she is doing may lead you to more trouble including a worse look for your bathroom, more costs, or longer time before getting the project done.

So how should one homeowner determine who to trust when it comes to bathroom renovations? Here are the seven qualities you should look for a bathroom contractor.

7 Tips when looking for a bathroom contractor-01 infographic


Look for credentials

There is nothing wrong in looking for certifications, licenses, and even awards (if they have some) is looking for a good bathroom contractor. Make sure that before hiring one, ask these questions. This is one of the foolproof ways of hiring a good contractor, so never shy away from asking how they do are doing in their jobs.

Look for experience

They would never tell that experience is the best teacher if it was for nothing. When looking for a reliable bathroom contractor, ask how long they have been doing this. For instance, companies like Duracare Baths‘ is a company of Mr. Cabinet Care which has been remodeling kitchens for thirty years which guarantees its clients that the company knows their job. A contractor would not last in the business if not for the good work that is done in the past years, and that is hard to maintain.

Look for a versatile contractor

It is better to look for a contractor that knows what strings to pull when it comes to bathroom renovations. Some contractors know how to execute the designs given to them. However, some know-how to design a bathroom themselves that suits the budget, space, and the wanted design of the client. This gives you an upper hand because there is no need for another bathroom designer which means that it is less hassle and cost. 

Look for what people recommend

It is not a joke to built a brand reputation especially to industries like bathroom remodeling and refurnishing. When your family, friends, or neighbors recommend someone that is good and has no bad record across the neighborhood, make sure to include him on the options. You can go ahead and remodel your bathtub, but this comes with a risk. Hearsays from others are sometimes inaccurate, so the better thing to do is ask the person for a few questions. Also, have background checks to the person or company recommended.

Look for different quotations

All bathroom contractors give quotations on how much money one would pay to remodel a bathroom. This would all depend on the area, the materials needed, and labor. Even the subcontracting like removing the old bath and basin needs to be identified. There would be different prices after a handful of quotations. Going for the cheaper ones might not be the best option because they might lack experience and go for an experienced one is expensive. The best option is the balance between experience and expenses.

Schedule an appointment

When you have a list of the contractors in your area, you can narrow it down and schedule an appointment to those who you think are capable of doing the best job to your bathroom renovation project. Usually, remodeling contractors are flexible on their clients and will never turn down meetings especially to potential clients. Meeting the clients excites good contractors because they are about to have a look in the bathroom itself.

Look for a contractor that can manage time

More or less, the contractor that you hired will tell you the time frame when the project will be finished. However, you can ask the contractor for how much time do they need before finishing the renovation. One of the things you should consider is how well the contractor explains to you what needs to be done and how much possible time can it consume. When hiring a contractor, take the one that does everything they can to shorten the time but not the quality of the bathroom.

Most importantly, hire a contractor that has a great attitude towards the customers. Having this kind of contractor is key if you want to have a great bathroom remodeling project. And if you would need a contractor again, you know who to contact.

If you ever find a contractor that has passed the list above, save the contact and make sure that you stick with the person. Just like the customer, the contractor also appreciates loyalty and trust. In this way, you know what is going on in the bathroom and other parts of the house being refurnished.

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