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3 Reasons to Convert Your Bathtub into Shower

3 Reasons to Convert Your Bathtub into Shower featured image

For homeowners who have a bathtub in their bathrooms, is your tub getting the least amount of use, or is it just taking up valuable space? Nowadays, tub-to-shower conversions are a hot trend as the thought of tub-less bathrooms may be “showering” homes with several benefits.

Based on The American Institute of Architects’ 2013 Home Design Trends Survey, 60% of homeowners preferred a shower stall without a tub, compared to 49% in 2012 when they first surveyed explicitly about tub-less bathrooms.

The concept of soaking in a soothing hot bubble bath seems like a great idea; however, not everyone has the time to indulge themselves. Moreover, some may argue that tubs are necessary for bathing kids; but once they grow up, will they need it?

If you are still weighing your options, here are mainly the reasons why it’s ideal for converting the bathtub into the shower to help you decide.

Mobility and Safety

Typically, as people get older, they decide to replace their tubs with showers – getting in and out of a tub may require much effort; thus, making it dangerous for the elderly. Also, it’s possible to place fixed seating and other accommodations to the shower – reducing the risk of falling that bathtubs present. Therefore, the shower is the safer option, putting the family’s mind at ease, especially for those who are getting older or living with the elderly.


Generally, bathtubs demand more time to clean and maintain. Not to mention, while the water splashes out of a tub onto the floor, moisture can seep under the flooring and into walls spaces; thus, resulting in expensive repairs and mold remediation efforts.

On the other hand, showers may cause higher humidity in the bathroom; however, they are less likely to create such damage. Plus, a robust dehumidifying system can dry the moisture leftover from the shower. Besides, there are modern shower stalls available, designed to make cleaning simpler.

No matter how frequent you clean your tub, there’s still difficulty with accumulations of mold along caulk lines, soap scum, and hard water minerals, along rounded interior surfaces. Once you use a shower, the chance for these accumulations will decrease.


In favor of homeowners who want to take back some physical space and reduce water usage, a tub-to-shower conversion may be the right choice – it allows for the direction of water flow at an area where the painful muscles or joints are located. Furthermore, customer shower options include body jets positioned in the shower walls; thus, providing the same style of comfort and relief as tub jets.

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