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Bathtub Replacement

While some of us make haste of our morning routines and spend as little time getting ready as possible, studies show that the average American spends at least 10 minutes in the shower each morning, tending to their usual hygiene routine. And then there’s an additional 20 minutes on average spent shaving, applying make-up, tending to hair, or other tasks that are usually done in our bathrooms. Before bed, we’re back in there again, sometimes showering or bathing after a long day, removing our make-up, and more. It’s no wonder we make such a fuss about the look and condition of our bathrooms! We spend lots of time there!

So, if your bathroom is less than ideal, perhaps you’ve been thinking about a bath replacement of some sort. Maybe not a full remodel. After all, that’s expensive. But it is possible to upgrade the look of your bathroom without making a huge investment of time and money, and DURACARE Baths offers a host of products that allow you to accomplish this.


Wave Skirt
60 x 30 x 15
60 x 32 x 15
60 x 32 x 19


Classic Skirt
60 x 30 x 15
60 x 32 x 15

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At DURACARE, we sell bath replacement products that can completely change the look of your bathroom. Whether you’re replacing a bathtub, shower, wall surround/enclosure, we have a selection of stylish options in a variety of colors and designs that will add an extra spark to your tired bathroom. And we can do it in as little as a day and at just a fraction of the cost of a complete bath replacement or remodel.

Sound impossible? Not at all! We’ve got it down to a science, as they say!
If, for example, you’re looking to replace your chipped, cracked, less-than-pristine bathtub, we’ll be happy to come out and discuss your needs. As part of the replacement process, we’ll examine your current bathroom, takes photos and measurements, and come up with a plan that will replace your old tub with a brand new one in the color and style of your choice.

We’ll do the same if you wish to convert your shower to a tub or vice versa. Just summon one of our experts, who will use their years of design knowledge combined with our high-tech design tools to come up with a solution that will make you happy and make your bathroom dreams a reality.


So how long will this bath replacement or renovation take? Amazingly, many of our jobs can be completed in as little as a day, sometimes two. But though we’re quick, we’re thorough! With decades of experience in the remodeling and renovation business, we know how to get the job done in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the client. And if there’s a problem of any sort, from the quality of our work to the quality of the products we use, we’ll take the time to fix it and won’t quit until you’re completely satisfied.

And speaking of satisfaction, DURACARE Baths offers one of the best warranties in the business, backed by an experienced, top-notch team of technicians and customer service representatives who strive to make you happy and keep you that way. It’s no wonder our customers refer us to their friends and family again and again!

If you’ve been hoping to give your bathroom a new look but prefer not to blow your entire home remodeling budget on just one room, give us a call for more information on our products and services and for a free no-obligation consultation by one or our bath replacement experts. It’ll be the first step towards your perfect bathroom!

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