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5 On Budget Bathroom Improvements


Although it may seem impossible, conducting a budget-friendly bathroom remodel is possible. Some believe that this kind of home improvement project can get expensive because of other known remodeling cultures making it look that way. Others even project that it is impossible to make changes while not tearing down the whole room. But, fortunately, it is not.

Homeowners usually neglect bathroom and kitchen remodeling due to the complexity, expenses, and the amount of time it can cost. Because conducting bathroom remodel is indeed pricy, you must know how to think outside the box and get acquainted with budget-friendly alternatives. Although it is being set aside by many, bathroom remodel has various benefits. Apart from saving you from improving your property’s value, it also helps keep your family safe and comfortable.

Start with your bathroom enhancement project with the five budget-friendly bathroom improvements we have from below.


 1. Turn your Wooden Floors into Tiles

There are various reasons to fall in love with wooden floors; however, having it for your bathroom floor may not be an ideal thing.

Since your bathroom is frequently exposed to water, it’s better to have a more moisture-hardy material such as tile. But, if you wanted to keep your wooden bathroom floor, it will help you save money if you painted it with protective enamel. Regardless of your first choice for your bathroom floor, you must know how to keep your bathroom at its best quality while saving money.


 2. Install Bath Liners

We sure love to spend some alone time in your bathtub for relaxation or spend some time with your kids and enjoy summer at home. However, despite how we wanted to keep our bathtub’s good quality, its quality will still wear out through years of constant usage and exposure to strong chemicals.

Good thing, there’s a product such as bath liners. Bath liners are designed to cover your tired looking tub and transform it into a whole new and better-looking tub, saving you from purchasing a new one. Moreover, apart from aesthetics that lasts, bath liners also provide convenience for homeowners as it is made from durable acrylic, making it much easier to maintain.


 3 . Repaint and Redesign Faulty Cabinets

Aside from adding aesthetics keeping your bathroom well organized is the primary purpose of cabinets. But, being exposed to various damaging factors, its features are hardly affected.

Fortunately, you can make everything possible with your creativity, like making a beautiful cabinet out of your old and faulty ones. Identifying cabinet parts, you can still use and arrange them to a whole new one, then repaint it according to your bathroom color palette. Creativity is a good factor, especially when you love to save money.


 4. Install Better Lighting

Not everyone knows this, but some modern products are designed to save electricity and the environment.

Purchasing cheaper bathroom lights are one of the common mistakes of some homeowners. You might think that you saved yourself a penny when you buy a more affordable bathroom light, but you’re wrong. Apart from low quality, cheap bathroom lights will only cost you more since you need to change them from time to time while you’re saving money and helping save the environment if you purchase an excellent bathroom light.

5. Add Plants

Adding a little

nature to your bathroom not only creates an eye-pleasing view but also helps improve the air inside the room.

Some plants are known to produce clean and fresh air making it ideal to have one bathroom. Moreover, adding a window will also be a great idea as it helps for better air circulation and letting the UV light inside your home.


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