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5 Simple Tips to Add Value to Your Extra-Small Bathroom

5 Simple Tips to Add Value to Your Extra Small Bathroom featured image

It doesn’t matter how small they are – bathrooms are one of the essential sections of a house. Not to mention, bathrooms can contribute to your home’s overall value if you add the right features. After all, they are like kitchens – they act as a huge selling point of your home.

However, it’s expensive to knock down walls when you want to increase square footage. Good thing, there are affordable ways to maximize the space and appeal even if your bathroom is tiny. Here are five simple tips on how to add value to your extra-small bathroom.

Include a Skylight

A reason why your bathroom might feel smaller is because of the lack of natural light. If that’s the case, consider adding a skylight – it may be the perfect option. Once you allow natural light into the bathroom’s small space, it will create an illusion of square footage. Plus, it will make the room feel extremely welcoming. Also, it will draw the eye upwards; thus, including a greater sense of height. However, ensure you have the pre-requisite permits as ignoring it may be the biggest mistake you can make.

Set Limitation for Tile Design

To add style and create an illusion of more space, limit the tile design – install a mosaic tile with a small repeat. The repeating pattern makes the floor look more abundant rather than just one color. For the walls, install a more massive flooring with uniform veining – it will let the eye travel freely across the bathroom.

Update Shower Fixtures

Some people are so attached to their showers that they won’t change it. However, upgrading the showerhead does not only add value – it lets others know you are keen on details. Replacing an outdated showerhead with a new one is easy; it can be done through DIY.

On the other hand, consulting a pro to install luxury features will give you extra points – multifunction shower systems provide a spa-like ambiance. 

Renounce the Shower Door

When a bathroom is just five feet wide, squeezing in a toilet at about 30- by 60- inch tub is just enough. In this case, skip the glass shower door and consider a glass panel – it will keep most of the water in the shower. Furthermore, it will free up the needed elbow room.

Retain the Simplicity

For homeowners who want to design their new bathroom, adding accessories and other unnecessary items is a big no – they take away from the square footage in small spaces; hence, trumping any value they could add. So, lose the bathmats and freestanding shower bench to keep the walkways clear. There’s no need to complicate the bathroom, maintain the basics – it’s even better if you can upgrade!

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