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Acrylic vs. Fiberglass shower pans: Which is better?

Acrylic vs. Fiberglass shower pans Which is better featured image

Showers are always installed with a bottom to contain the water and cleaning substances to avoid them from spreading across the bathroom.

They are also used to support the weight of the people taking showers and to drain water properly. This is the purpose of the shower pans which are also known as shower trays or shower base.

Like bathtubs or any bathroom fixtures, there are many base materials where shower pans can be made of.

Custom and composite tiles are great materials and being brought by many homeowners in the market, but the standout materials are acrylic and fiberglass.

Both tiles have different qualities, and knowing them gives a homeowner an advantage.

Acrylic Shower Pans

Acrylic vs. Fiberglass shower pans: Which is better?1

Acrylic is a material that looks like glass at first glance but is actually a type of plastic. This material is known for being durable and easy to maintain than its counterparts.

And usually needs fewer repairs. Mostly, acrylics are used for other parts of the shower. Acrylic is a safer and flexible material that is heated, stretched, and molded into their shapes.

Acrylic is made to withstand many showers before showing signs of breakage. This material is water-resistant and will not experience corrosion. Acrylic is also easy to install and lightweight.

Usually, acrylic is more expensive to purchase than fiberglass material. However, this cost may be worth it because of the low maintenance and fewer repairs it needs.

Acrylic shower pans are only available in standard sizes. However, some manufacturers offer custom options like molded shelves. Acrylic is a good choice because it comes in 200 colors.

Fiberglass Shower Pans

Fiberglass is a material made from polyester resin that is mixed with woven glass fiber then poured into a mold. Many people buy this material compared to acrylic because it is a cheaper choice.

Fiberglass is used to for fitting showers into inconvenient locations and shower additions like shower seats. Fiberglass also has a durable capability and has a low chance of breakage and cracks.

Despite the cheap pricing and durability, fiberglass also has downsides. Fiberglass is sensitive to extreme heat, so cleaning them with cleaning solutions with high acidity can cause the glass to corrode. Fiberglass can also be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Just like acrylic, fiberglass is also customizable to molded shelves and shower seats. However, fiberglass does not come with a wide range of options, unlike acrylic shower pans.

Which Shower Pan Material Shall I use for my Shower?

There are factors to consider in choosing a shower pan material. One that should be considered is the budget for bathroom renovations. One can spend their money to have a more durable acrylic shower base while others can start with fiberglass and eventually get the better ones.

Before having shower pans installed, make sure that a professional bath fitters is contacted for the accurate deliberation of prices. Any choice can be suited for any home as long as they are maintained properly.

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