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Bathroom Remodeling Scams You Should Avoid

Bathroom Remodeling Scams You Should Avoid featured image

Typically, when families decide to remodel their bathrooms, it is because they want a new look. In some cases, their goal is to increase the overall value of their houses. For them to achieve success in this kind of project, it is ideal to retain the expertise of a bathroom remodeling contractor – they know the dos and don’ts when it comes to remodeling a bathroom.

Choosing a reputable contractor is a critical step. Once you hire a fraudulent one, he might squeeze all your cash. Hence, be smart in weighing your options – learn these bathroom-remodeling scams to know what crooked contractors do.

Selling Leftover Materials

“I did a job in the neighborhood and had some leftover materials. I can give you a good deal on this project.”

When a contractor offers this type of deal, isn’t it sketchy? There is a considerable chance that the materials are substandard. Therefore, never pay a contractor who drops this kind of line on you, especially when they arrive unannounced. A reputable contractor already knows the cost of materials. If they have leftovers, they don’t peddle next door.

Avoiding All Kinds of Permits

A red flag. Once a contractor avoids pulling permits, he is likely to be unlicensed. An unlicensed contractor does this to cut other corners and prevent authorities from taking a close look at their work. Furthermore, they offer prices that are too good to be true; it will convince you to save a few bucks, but it can cost more in the long run. Moreover, unpermitted improvements may cause trouble in reselling the house.

Demanding a Huge Down Payment

In every bathroom remodeling project, paying for a reasonable down payment is the first protocol. However, when the remodeling contractor asks for more than one-third of the project cost, better be suspicious – they may take the money and run. Besides, local laws have regulations on how prices should be measured.

Based on a report by Angie’s List, 75% of home improvement professionals negotiate down payment – favorable for those who need to hire a different service.

Unreasonable Price Increase

Due to unforeseen complications, additional charges happen. However, evaluate your contractor’s reasons why he keeps on cranking up the price. If your remodeling contractor starts giving the wrong grounds to increase the pricing, seek a second opinion from an inspector. Otherwise, hire a new contractor.

Moreover, review the contract – there should be a mechanism for change orders. Thus, putting all changes in writing that require both parties to sign.

Absence of Contract

One of the contractor’s primary duties is to provide a contract – an essential part of every bathroom remodeling project; it contains agreements that discuss the schedule of work, payment terms, and procedure changes. A contractor who declines to provide a contract must not be hired.

A fraudulent contractor will squeeze every penny out of his victim’s pocket – look for a reliable contractor that offers reasonable prices and ensures the quality of work. If you are having trouble finding a trustworthy contractor – our team is here to help! DURACARE Baths offers the best prices and services.

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