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Bathroom Trends in The 2020s

Watching out for the latest bathroom trends or at least the ones that are predicted to dominate the bathroom renovation market in the 2020s is an excellent way to start the next decade. You can follow this forecast if you ever want to remodel your bathroom next year. 

Putting More Plants in The Bathroom

Bathroom Trends in The 2020s

One of the predicted bathroom remodeling trends in the 2020s is having more biophilic ornaments in the bathroom. You can create a nature-like sanctuary in your bathroom by just creating a wall full of greenery and plants. You can also have white, green, and gray as the primary color for your bathroom. Also, consider having natural light on the bathroom as it helps to create the natural vibe you want. 

Designs Based on Culture and Tradition 

In the 2020s, expect to see more bathtubs and showers to have their look inspired by different cultures and traditions around the world. For instance, you can have a Japanese-inspired bath by having asymmetrical shapes and artisanal vibes. You can have your tub installed by the wall, side, or even corner, depending on the wideness of your bathroom. You can also have your bathroom and mat to have designs of stone and marble. 

Have More Lighting and Minimalism 

Bathroom Trends in The 2020s

One of the styles that will stay in 2020 is the minimalistic style of bathrooms. To make your bathroom have this style, you can have a shower with white, grey, and black. Simple bathroom fitter and simple bathroom tiles complement each other. In terms of lighting, you can have extra light by the shower. Open and glass-walled showers are also staying in trend next year as well. 

Popular Bathroom Colors for 2020 

The colors of your bathroom should be decided based on the design you want your bathroom to have. Minimalistic bathrooms are good with white, gray, and black. On the other hand, champagne, light yellow, and pumpkin red are expected to get popularity in the 2020s. With that being said, light and pastel colors are more being used than bright ones. 

Usage of Terrazzo 

Bathroom Trends in The 2020s

Terrazzo is a material made from natural stones, cement, and marble. In 2019, terrazzo can be found on almost every decorative accessory, wall surfaces, counters, shower walls, flooring, and backsplashes. Terrazzo sales are expected to rise in the 2020s because of the unlimited combination of colors and styles you can have with this material.

What you Should Avoid 

Because of the new trends coming in next year, some patterns are outdated. Using colors like millennial pink and rose gold are already things of the past. Hexagonal, wood imitation and other tiles that are made out of wood are also out of the picture. You can still use chrome as a material but not as much as before. There are materials easier to maintain, like matte and brushed fittings. 


If you ever want to remodel your bathroom, you can start small. If you have one of the bathroom elements installed already, you have made a good investment. That is why having a good sense of style pays off in the end. Having the right prediction based on sales is an excellent way to know what trends will come out next.

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