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Infographic: Finest Material for Tub to Shower Conversion

Having a bathtub surely is an excellent idea for someone who loves to enjoy relaxing after a very long day. It is also one of the best ways to beat the heat of the summer without being exposed to the sun’s harmful heat. However, bathtubs also have their flaws, particularly when it comes to safety measures. Slip and fall accidents are one of the reasons why homeowners tend to convert their tub to shower. Like any other bathroom fixtures, you can also have a wide range of options with the best material for your bathroom remodel in California.

Read further to know more with the listed leading materials below for your bathtub to shower conversion.

Finest Material for Tub to Shower Conversion-01 infographic

Shower Pan


When it comes to installing showers, it is always essential to include having bottom as it helps contain the water and keeps substances clean. Moreover, apart from supporting the weight of the person, shower pans, also known as shower trays, also promote better water drainage. Apart from tiles, acrylic is one of the leading choices of homeowners regarding the most excellent material for their shower pan.

If you’re not familiar with this material, you’ll probably mistake it as a glass at first glance, but it is genuinely made of plastic. Its durability and beneficial features that make it much easier to maintain is what lead it to the limelight. Moreover, rest assured that with this material, you don’t worry about flexibility and safety.

Acrylic is also recognized for its resistance to any potential breakage, water-resistance, and corrosion. And since it’s a lightweight material, installation is much easier to be done. Although it can be pricey, the acrylic material is guaranteed to be worth its price as it is also low in maintenance and repair works.


Consisting of woven glass fibers mixed with a polyester resin spilled in a molded fiberglass is also on the list of the ideal material for a shower pan. If you’re looking for budget-friendly material for your tight budget in bathroom remodeling, this is the best choice for you as it is much cheaper than acrylic.

This material is commonly used in fitting showers for the bathroom with a convenient location and shower additions such as seats. Durability is also one of its key factors as it has a low chance of cracks or breakage. However, although it is cheap and durable, downsides also exist in fiberglass. Its overall structure is highly sensitive to heat exposure, so using a high acid solution for cleaning is not advisable, making it an ideal place for bacteria.

Shower Walls

Natural Stone

Its remarkable beauty is one reason why natural stone is one of the leading choices for shower walls. This material is composed of natural stones mounted with concrete creating an elegant look for your shower walls. What makes it more existing to do is that it lets you explore your desired design for your bathroom walls. Even though this material is pricey, some homeowners still consider purchasing natural stones as it offers many benefits. Furthermore, with natural stone, you can count on cleanliness in your bathroom as it absorbs soaps and water.

Ceramic Tiles

If you’re looking for a material where you can explore your creativity, ceramic tiles are the one for you as it offers a wide range of options when it comes to designs, textures, and sizes. These features allure homeowners as they can surely find something that will suit the shower walls’ overall outlook. Its budget-friendly price and accessible installation features, ceramic tiles are the common choice of most homeowners for their shower walls.

With proper installation, this shower wall material can create the best look for your shower walls. But, ceramic tiles that are improper can bring you the worst nightmare from trapping soaps to growing molds and mildew all over your bathroom.

Glass Tiles

Glass tile’s refinement is one of a kind. Same as the ceramic, this material also comes with an extensive collection of colors, sizes, and designs that will surely suit any of your desired looks. Its reflective feature makes glass tile an ideal choice as it attracts more light inside your bathroom. This type of tile is the best choice for bathrooms with limited space, as it has a thinner structure.

Maintaining your shower wall’s cleanliness is also much more manageable with glass tiles, one single wipe of clean cloth with the right cleaning solution is all you need. Although glass is known for being slippery, it tends to pick up soap scums quickly, but fitting mosaic glass can solve this problem.

Conclusion: While DIY works save you a lot of money, mistakes and lack of proper knowledge can lead to a lot of repair expenses. If you doubt your skills in doing any bathroom remodeling, seek a reliable service and product provider that can guide and help you achieve the change you desire for your bathroom. Moreover, rest assured that they can provide the right and the best materials for your bathroom with their expertise and experience.

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