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Infographic: Finest Tiles for your Bathtub Walls

Your bathtub is one of the most exposed parts of your bathroom to potential deterioration, molds, and mildew, which is why it is essential to consider having the best materials for your bathtub wall. 

On the other hand, tiles are among the leading material when it comes to bathroom floors and bathtub walls. Apart from it is versatile tiles can also come in various designs which provides you a wide range of option and freedom to explore on each design and express your creativity. Its elegant models are also the best if you’re planning to improve your home’s value or conduct a bathroom remodel.

Are you from Yorba Linda California and plan to do a bathroom remodel to increase your property’s real estate value? Worry no more as we have collected some of the best material for your bathtub walls and bathroom floor below.

Finest Tiles for your Bathtub Walls-01 infographic

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Large porcelain and ceramic tiles are known for being one of the favorite choices when it comes to bathtub walls and your bathroom floor. Apart from it requires fewer lines of grout as also it works on creating an extensive outlook in your bathtub walls. 

However, it is essential to bear in mind that larger tiles are only ideal for bathroom floors. For walls, the best large size refers to 8×24, 10×30, 10×26, and 15×30, while for your bathroom floor, the best dimensions are 18×26, 15×30, 24×24, 24×48 and 18×18. 

Concrete Tile

If you’re looking for something that creates a warm ambiance for your bathtub walls, concrete tile is the best choice for you. Busier wall tiles work excellently with a little tonal contrast, which explains how concretes elicit a unified façade when being attached to your shower floor. Furthermore, concrete tiles show a modern and cleaner look as you combine it with a subway tile. 

Brick and Subway Tiles

Do you prefer having a bit of classiness and old fashion inspired to look for your bathtub? Brick and subway tiles can help you with your desires! 

The elegance and glamour that the brick and subway tiles reflect a classy yet modernized look for your bathtub wall. Adding a bit of traditionally looking brick stones could work if you’re searching for something that can break the plain look in your white wall. Its classic look is timeless as it reflects an elegant craftsman look for your bathtub wall. 

All White and Marble Tile

While the all-white look is pervasive for bathtubs, the modern industry has a variety of textures that created a unique feature for this type of tile. From subtle to not-so-subtle and 3-D, each all-white kind of tile can create a gorgeously looking walls for your bathtub. Furthermore, the veining with a marble-look increases your bathtub’s visual interests. 

Wood Plank Tile

Are you into nature, or is looking for something that can help you connect with nature while in your tub and relaxing? If so, a wood plank tile suits you! 

From white-washed to distressed, naturally-inspired, and reclaimed wood looking plank tiles can transform your bathtub into a whole new setup with the best-looking features. If you’re into creative designs, this type of tile is the best for you. Moreover, you can try to surround it with pebbles or combine it with various colors and shapes to enhance its natural look this will work well with your bathroom tub.

Bonus Tip: Tiles are not the only material the best for your Bathtub walls!

As per the fact that we utilize our bathroom daily, maintaining your bathroom’s cleanliness is one of the significant hazards of every homeowner. 

The bathroom is one of the most utilized places inside your home; from scrubbing mold and mildews to maintaining the tile quality of your bathtub walls, each affects its overall attribute. Luckily, you can now enjoy a much convenient way of cleaning your bathroom by installing an acrylic bathtub wall. Apart from its grout-free, this material promotes a safer way of cleaning as it does not require bleaches or any other strong chemicals in maintaining your bathtub wall’s purity.  


Regardless if you desire to improve the real estate value of your home or are looking forward to enhancing its interior, it is imperative to consider educating yourself with the best ways to conduct bathroom remodeling. Moreover, if you doubt in DIY works better settle for a reliable service that can guarantee each detail you desire would be achieved all with the best of quality and materials. 

Looking forward to the bathroom remodel Yorba Linda, CA? Have the best material for your bathtub walls and the best services, feel free to visit or contact (800) 791-2538 today!

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