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Infographic: How much do Bathtub Liners Cost

If you ever owned a bathtub, you might have heard of the term “bathtub liner.” Or even better, you might have used one. For people who do not know what a bathtub liner is, it’s material is made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is installed to an existing bathtub to prolong or enhance its durability and reliability.

Bathtub liners are known for powerful characteristics such as anti-microbial resistance, high scratch resistance, high impact resistance, stiffness, high resistance to bathroom cleaning chemicals, good molding characteristics, UV resistance, and high dimensional stability.

Bathtub liners are an ideal replacement for old bathtubs that are in bad condition. This is an alternative to a full bathroom refurnishing. Furthermore, the installation process of tub liners is hassle-free and fast.

During the installation, a new bathtub material is applied to the old one. But to make sure that the results of the installation won’t be questionable, customization to the old bathtub shape is the solution. In this way, the bathtub liner is an exact fit.

How much do Bathtub Liners Cost infographic


Materials used in tub liners

Acrylic-Tub liners are mostly made from 100% acrylic due to its mesmerizing appearance. However, a disadvantage in having acrylic as your tub liner material is its brittleness. Cracking is possible if the tub liner is not perfectly placed in the tub. Because of this reason, professionals are the only ones that can install acrylic tub liners

PVC- PVC vinyl is a more expensive option than acrylic. Most of the time, Do-It-Yourself tub liners are made out of this material. The price of PVC tub liners is around $200-$300. If acrylic liners are known for their attractive appearance, PVC, on the other hand, is known for its durability. Some homeowners are much happier in having PVC liners than its counterpart.

Brands that offer bathtub liners

Bath Fitter – Bath Fitter is one of the leading products when it comes to bathtub refurnishing and bathtub liners. Bath Fitter offers 100% acrylic tub liners and wall panels installed by Bath Fitter professionals. Before installation, Bath Fitter experts take measurements of your tubs for the liners to fit yours. Depending on what you plan, the installation process can last from a day to a few weeks.

Bath Planet – Like Bath Fitter, Bath Planet also offers 100% acrylic on their tub liners. Bath Planet also uses the same business model as Bath Fitter and the other counterparts where they require consultation and installation from their experts. Customized bathtub sizes might require a few days of installation, but if your bathtub dimensions fit their stock sizes, installation can be done in a day.

Custom Bath Liners – Custom Bath Liners offers a 1-day liner and wall panel installation for $3,000 as a starting price for some tubs. Custom Bath Liners offers 100% acrylic bathtub liners. According to their site, Custom Bath Liners offers the cheapest bathtub liners in the market. They sell nothing but cheap but top-notch quality tub fitters. They also offer a warranty for as long as the homeowner owns the house where the tub liner is installed. Home Depot Bathtub Liners – Home Depot is also a place where you can buy tub liners. They measure and install acrylic liners with wall panels within a couple of

days using measurements based on their stock sizes. Home Depot tub liners are made from durable, high-gloss materials that will not crack, chip, peel, rust, or mildew installed by their professional team.

Bath Wraps – This company also offers 100 percent acrylic liners and wall panels. One-day service is available for liners manufactured to stock bathtub dimensions. They also offer a lifetime warranty to their products.

Tub Liner Pricing

Installation of tub liners depends on the brand you want your tub liners and the additional features that you want to be installed in your tub. A tub liner can cost you about a thousand dollars but increases if you wish to have other features like matching wall panels, shower surrounds, shelves, grab bars, and built-in soap dishes.

However, if you want to consider the exact price of your tub liner installation, you can call the company directly for assistance. Companies like Bath Fitter  CA are available for a free consultation. In this way, you can choose what features should you install in your bathtub.

Tub liners in general costs from $700 to $1400. However, if you choose a professional team to install your tub liner, the estimate would be from $4,000-$7,000. The average cost for a bathtub liner price is around $3,000 being the lowest.

In choosing a contractor for the job, make sure that you check the reference and credibility of the company. Companies with much experience like Duracare Baths are the ones you should look for a tub liner contractor. We use top quality products like Bath Fitter and work with professionals to keep the job done.

If you’re looking for a professional bath fitter in California that can install high-quality and cost-effective bathtub liners in your property, visit our website at

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