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Infographic: How to Install Tiles on a Bathroom Floor?

Nowadays, homeowners prefer doing the work on their own. Not to mention, DIY can help save money – although it can be a risky route. If you have the right tools, it’s possible to manage a bathroom remodeling project, particularly tiling the bathroom floor. Once you do sufficient research, you can start the project immediately. Hence, here’s a simple guide on how to tile a bathroom floor.How to Install Tiles on a Bathroom Floor infographic


Necessary Materials

There are a lot of different tiles – they vary in color, texture, and pattern. Whichever you select, be ready for installation. Thus, you’ll need the following materials:

      • Hammer
      • Diamond blade wet saw
      • Hammer drill
      • Notched trowel
      • Margin trowel
      • Rubber float (for grout)
      • Level
      • Measuring tape
      • Fiberglass tape
      • Wooden block
      • Sponges
      • Foam brush
      • Gloves, safety goggles, knee pads

Calculate the Square Footage

Before anything else, calculate the square footage of the bathroom using the measuring tape. If the bathroom isn’t divided into separate areas and has a unified floor plan, this step will be easy. If not, divide the floor into smaller regions and measure those separately. After calculating the total, make sure to add an extra 10 percent when ordering the supplies.

Get Some Samples

Get some samples of different tiles to get a feeling of how they’ll look like on your bathroom floor. Also, choose the grout – there are several options. Either match the grout to the tiles to hide any imperfections, or you can choose different colors that contrast with each other or complement one another.

Install Cement Boards

Installing cement boards ensures proper floor thickness and a smooth and seamless transition between rooms. Moreover, it will help prevent mold in areas with a lot of moisture. However, you can skip this if the floor is already prepped and ready to receive the tiles.

Determine the Layout

Figure out how to arrange the tiles. To determine the layout, lay the tiles to get a glimpse of how they’ll look like and where you’ll need to cut them – don’t forget to use tile spacers. There are several sizes available. Thus, make sure to pick the right one. Next, cut the tiles that need to be cut or do this as you adhere to the tiles.

Lay the Tiles

As you lay more tiles, use a level to make sure you’re doing it right. Then, remove the spacers and apply the grout to fill in the lines – do this after 24 hours. Let the grout sit for a few minutes before wiping off the excess. Furthermore, apply sealer at the end – the bathroom floor is continuously exposed to moisture and water.

Tiling the bathroom on your own will help you save money. However, getting the help of a professional will ensure the quality of work – nothing can go wrong with the help of our team!

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