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Infographic: Tips on How to Eliminate Bad Odors on Your Bathroom


Although you may have the most extravagant and perfect design in your bathroom, it can still ruin its perfection without proper maintenance and cleaning.

Besides keeping the organization in your bathroom, it is also essential to keep in mind the importance of cleanliness. Your bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms inside your home; taking a shower to relax on your tub and defecating aside from feminine products and tissues, its parts are being exposed to many potential germ and dirt carriers. The absence of proper waste disposal and maintenance cleaning can lead to many matters, including a foul odor. Not only does it cause discomfort but also various health problems.

Fortunately, we have come up with the best tips on how to eliminate foul odors in your bathroom in this infographic.

Tips on How to Eliminate Bad Odors on Your Bathroom-01

Let the Sunlight In

Regardless of your bathroom size, having at least a single window is a great idea. With frequent usage, water and moisture are around your bathroom, leading to germs and bacteria gathering. Not everyone knows, but some bacteria can cause a foul odor in your bathroom when combined with a strong chemical. Luckily, windows not only help circulate fresh air inside your restroom; it also lets some sunlight inside. Not only that, it has a fascinating beauty; its UV rays also work in killing bacteria that cause foul odors in your bathroom. We all know that the sunlight is the one behind a dry yet fresh smell in the morning. It’s because its UV rays work on destroying bacteria present in your bathroom that can cause a foul odor.

Keep it Ventilated

Some homeowners tend to neglect this idea, but keeping adequate ventilation around your bathroom is one way to eliminate those unwanted smells. Having fresh air hanging around would make a significant difference.

Although others prefer opening the bathroom door when not used for ventilation, installing a vent fan will help up your game. While both works on getting rid of unwanted odors in your bathroom, installing a vent fan provide extra benefits as it also helps keep fresh air after that humid from bathing.

Maintain that Clean and Dry Towel On Place

Always keep your towel dry and clean to maintain a good smelling bathroom.

One of the biggest mistakes of every homeowner who’s been looking for the best way to eliminate bathroom odors is keeping a wet and used towel inside their bathroom. Towels mostly the thick ones take some time before it dries up; thus, fungi and bacteria causing bad-smells tend to grow. Moreover, towels that haven’t been a wash for a while increase speed up the spreading of bacteria, causing a foul odor.

Consider Air Fresheners

Of course, air fresheners wouldn’t miss this list. When it comes to bathroom odor issues, air fresheners are the first thing that may come to your mind. From manufacturing to homemade air fresheners, there’s no way you won’t find one that will suit your taste of freshness.

Air fresheners are ideal, even for a strong odor like the ones in your bathroom. However, although it may help eliminate the foul smell relying on air fresheners without proper bathroom cleaning and maintenance, it is not a healthy way to your bathroom. But, leaving a spray bottle with a refreshing scent at your bathroom will help keep a fresh smell around after using the toilet.


Conclusion: We tend to utilize our bathroom daily, which explains why our bathroom is one of the most exposed to many potential bacteria and virus carriers. Hence, it is essential to consider keeping it clean as always. Moreover, apart from acquiring foul odor, a poorly maintained bathroom can also cause various health problems.

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