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Infographic: Trending Shower Remodel Ideas This 2021


Shower remodeling can be a tricky thing to tackle. You want to make sure that the space you have to work with is going to allow you to fit all of the features that you want, without making it look cramped. When you are looking at the space available, you will want to keep in mind how much you have to work with, and what the future plans for your bathroom are. While there is always some sort of changes that need to be made in a home, you want to avoid making too many alterations, as you could end up damaging the area.

There are some smaller things that you are going to want to think about as well before you take on any major overhauls. Some of the smaller ones include changing out your toothbrush holder and possibly even changing out your towel set. The reason why you want everything to be as simple as possible is that you do not want to be scrambling if something happens to the bathroom while you are working on it.

Shower remodeling can be a lot of fun, but you are going to want to keep in mind the potential problems that you could run into along the way. The last thing that you want is to get a hold of all of the plans and find out that they do not fit where you wanted them to go. It can be easy to get carried away when it comes to remodeling a bathroom and end up making mistakes that cost money. You do not want to spend more than you have to, and you definitely do not want to have to start over if you change your mind. Take the time to figure everything out first, and you will be able to move forward successfully.

Fortunately, we have gathered some of the best ideas for your shower remodeling this 2021!

Trending Shower Remodel Ideas This 2021-01

Add Elevated Vanities

Adding floating bathroom vanities to your bathroom will add an elegant touch, but you can get a beautiful new look with just a few simple changes. For the bath, try adding a contemporary vanity set with a high-centered mirror and modern faucet. In addition to a beautiful new mirror, consider purchasing one with a storage drawer or shelves below the sink. With today’s sinks featuring under-mount or drop-in spouts, it is easy to add a new contemporary vanity sink and still keep the sink and plumbing for your new sink. Consider a counter-depth water filter to keep your drinking water pristine, or a glass or porcelain pedestal that will allow you to show off your sparkling faucet in style.


Installing New Faucet

Adding New Faucets While most people stick to the basic porcelain sink, adding a new sink and faucet in the bathroom can give it a fresh, clean look. Instead of spending time on the vanity cabinets, consider installing a modern double sink that will make your everyday bathroom just that much more attractive. A double sink is an excellent way to save space, as it will double the amount of space used by your fixtures. These vanities can be easily integrated into any design plan, so there is no need to make drastic changes to your bathroom.

Consider Statement Lighting

Statement lighting works well in shower/common areas because it creates an illusion of more space and a larger look. It can be used both inside the shower itself and in the near corner of the room. Another option to create a statement in your shower is to add a few sconces above the mirror. These will also add some accent light while also creating a beautiful visual focal point for the room.

When choosing which lights to use in your bathroom, you should always keep in mind the overall style of the room as well as the lighting you want to use. You don’t want to overpower the room with too much lighting, so it’s important to balance the light with other elements of the room.

Glass Walls

Glass walls are often recommended because they create a large open space under the glass, which allows steam to escape as well as keep water temperature consistent. Shower curtains, on the other hand, are framed in wood with either one or two glass panels between the curtain frame and the wall or between the shower wall and the floor. Glass shower walls can add beauty, privacy, and elegance to any bathroom or shower room, but they can be expensive. It is best to do a little research and find out what the different types of glass are like, what their best qualities are, and what the costs might be for installing them in your own home.


Shower fixtures are widely available in the market today. These are made from various materials such as aluminum, wood, stone, and chrome among other things. With the wide variety of choices that you have, it is quite likely that you will encounter problems when looking for the shower heads that will perfectly match your bathroom. As a result, you will not only end up having a poor-looking shower in your bathroom, but you will also not be able to find the one that is affordable. In order to avoid these kinds of problems in the future, it is highly recommended to conduct research on the different types of showerheads in the market and know which one is perfect for your bathroom. Furthermore, with the help of a reliable contractor rest assured that you can achieve the look you wanted for your bathroom shower.

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