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Inspiring Tub to Shower Conversion Ideas


With years of continuous usage and exposure to harmful chemicals and potential causes of damage, your bathroom needs a little more than frequent repairs.

You are lucky when you get to have both a tub and shower for your bathroom while others struggle to decide on what to install. On the other hand, there are various reasons why people choose to have a bathtub over the shower. For instance, there is no better treat than having the chance to relax in a warm bathtub after a long and tiring day at work. Also, the current situation preventing us from enjoying our favorite spot when the sun is heating your bathtub will help you beat the heat. However, for some reason, homeowners choose to convert their bathtub to a shower.

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The number of the tub to shower conversion is now starting to strike mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Safety – Growing families with curious toddlers and senior citizens are more prone to severe injuries that can be acquired from slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents are one of the reasons why a lot of homeowners choose to convert their tub to shower.
  • Space Saving – If you are after convenience and better space for your bathroom converting tour outdated bathtub into shower would be a great one to start with. There’s nothing better than having enough space to spend some fun time with your loved ones, from bathing your pets to bonding with your kids; thus, a lot of homeowners choose to convert their tub to shower.
  • Less Hassle – When compared to the amount of time and space, you need to clean with bathtub showers that are more convenient. You don’t need to worry about the right product to use that can damage your bathtub. With modern showers, you’ll be able to clean your bathroom with less annoyance and shorter time.

If you are one of those homeowners who are tired of their old and messy bathtub better check out the following inspiring tub to shower conversion ideas:

Modernized for the Better

If your bathroom floor still wears an outdated tile design and color and your bathtub starts to annoy you with continuous repairs and non-stop expenses, maybe now is the time to convert it to a modernized shower. What’s more exciting than having to enjoy your shower time with an elegantly designed walk-in shower and make-up area. Adding a recessed light would also be a good idea to improve the lighting of the room. Moreover, with the space of a bathtub has before conversion, you can surely have an opening for vanity and other shower features such as benches and additional storage.

From Obsolete to Asylum

Does your bathroom tub start to look like a piece of antique collection due to its outdated color and size that won’t even fit an adult? Or do your bathroom walls commence cracks and chipping and flooring tiles make it looks like a disaster waiting to happen? Maybe now is the right time to make some amendments and give your bathroom a little facelift.

There are various of ways to transform your doll looking bathtub to a fresh and haven like bathroom shower. Installing a walk-in shower would be a great head start. From your shower down to walls and floors make sure that each feature should have the updated and the best materials. By avoiding any changes in the original bathroom layout, you can save a lot from plumbing fixtures.

If you want to create an elegant looking bathroom design installing black glossy tile for walls and satin ceramic black flooring tiles is a brilliant choice. Modern materials are designed to suit the daily needs and promote convenience for every homeowner making it much better to get rid of your old and outdated bathroom features.

Outstand and Striking Transformation 

Every homeowner is familiar with the hardship of maintaining a mold-free and stunning shiny clean look on their bathtub and sink. Also, with an outdated flooring tile and out of place storage bathroom tend to look cramped, creating a decadent ambiance on your bathroom.

Apart from replacing your bathtub with a modern-looking walk-in shower to save more space, adding a little room for bench and storage would create a systematic look for your bathroom. Moreover, it would be much better to install transparent glass walls for your shower as it helps create a more expansive ambiance for your bathroom.

Make your bathroom space more practical by converting your tub to shower. With more space for storage and modern features, you can surely achieve a stunning bathroom look with your walk-in shower in a cost-effective way.

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