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Master Bath Remodel


Master Bath Remodel

There’s nothing quite so wonderful as a master suite where you can relax and whisk away the cares of the day. And part of that master suite should be a lovely master bath, a space that allows you to enjoy a little extra pampering when you need it most.

So what’s your ideal master bath look like and is the bath you have now ready for a master bath remodel? Maybe you’ve been tempted to do some upgrades to your aging, tired bathroom but you’re hesitant to spend the money and the time it takes to do a traditional remodel of your personal bathroom space. After all, remodels can be expensive. However, revamped master baths can certainly add a lot to your home’s resale value, so it’s money well spent.

What Do You Need in Your Master Bath?

A master bath remodel should make your bathroom space a mixture of both functional and indulgent. You may simply want a lovely stall shower or perhaps you prefer a bathtub. Ideally, DURACARE Baths can give you both so you can shower when you need to get done quickly and luxuriate in hot water and bubbles when you have extra time to pamper yourself. Our tub shower combos are available in a vast variety of designs and colors so you’ll have plenty of choices that fit your design aesthetic. We can even help you turn your shower into a spa shower or replace your bathtub with one that is more easily accessible as you age or if you are limited in mobility. The possibilities are endless and our design experts can work with you to craft a blueprint for a bath that suits your needs, whether you’re in a hurry or have time to sit and soak.

Master Bath Remodeling Details

As a master bath remodeling company, we use only the best materials so that our customers are satisfied with the end result. Our long-lasting acrylic is ideal for showers, bathtubs, surrounds, enclosures, or anything you decide to install in your renovated bathroom. In addition, this material fits tight and resists chipping and cracking but also rejects mold and mildew. This means a bathroom that looks shiny and new, is safe for your family, and stays clean longer. It’s a win-win for anyone who wants a new master bath without having to dig too deeply into their wallet!

Master Bath Remodel1

How do we do it? We start by sending one of our designers to your home to inspect your current bathroom and present ideas for your master bath remodel. Our designers are well-versed in the variety of products we offer and can share with you all your options for styles and colors as well as accessories. Once you make your choices, we’ll use our state-of-the-art design tools to show you what you’re master bath will look like, long before you sign a contract or pay any money.

We also offer custom measuring of your current space and our representative takes photos of your bathroom to ensure that everything is done to the exact specifications necessary for a good fit and a superb new look. In addition, DURACARE Baths offers a limited lifetime warranty on our products, so our customers can be sure that if there’s a problem, we’ll fix it to the best of our ability. Your satisfaction is our number one priority because we rely on your praise and word-of-mouth referrals to gather new customers.

Master Bath Remodel2

And we haven’t even told you the best news yet! We can do your master bath remodel in as little as one day, depending on the scope of the project and the chosen materials. That’s a huge savings of time over a traditional remodel and a lot less mess, too.

For more information on how we can transform your master bath, call us for details or schedule an appointment with one of our customer service specialists.

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