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What Makes the Best Material for Bathtub Surrounds?

There’s nothing that can beat the feeling of lying in soothing warm bathtub water after a very tiring day; this explains why installing tubs are on-trend right now. However, installing a brand new bathtub isn’t as easy as you think it is certain factors should be considered. Uniformity of colors and designs inside your bathroom is essential. Apart from taking into count the right and suitable design of your bathtub to be installed, it is also imperative to keep in mind the best material for its surroundings.

On the other hand, although choosing the best design that will go with the bathroom’s overall outlook can get confusing, setting up the best surroundings can help you solve this matter immediately. Moreover, tub surroundings also help create a protective layer around your walls from the overflowing water and add an appealing look for your bathroom. But the question is doing you know what’s the best material for your bathtub surrounds?

What Makes the Best Material for Bathtub Surrounds featured image duracarebaths

Your bathtub’s surroundings are the fortification around or the exterior part of your tub. Apart from it, it adds an eye-pleasing look for your tub; it also helps in buffering water spills while bathing, which can negatively affect the structural integrity amongst your tub and wall. Fortunately, installing non-porous material to your bathroom walls can save you from any probable structural damage.

Like your bath fitter and any other bathroom material, it is also vital that your bathroom surrounds consist of non-porous materials. Apart from its good looks, it also offers a layer of protection for your bathtub walls from any potential deterioration, thus saves you a lot of money for repairs.

When it comes to bathroom surrounds apart from knowing the price range, sturdiness, and flexibility, it is also necessary to consider identifying the leading materials the best for your bathroom.   

If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can go with acrylic and tile. With these two leading materials, rest assured that you can achieve the look you wanted for your bathroom as it offers a vast range of styles. However, when it comes to materials with affordable prices, although it provides flexibility and durability, its features also come with a corresponding fall down. As compared to other materials, acrylic and tile tend to lower the longevity of its strength if its sheets are attached to a waterproof bathroom wall, making it much easier to chip or crack after ten years. This matter can be solved with the help of fiberglass reinforcement as it works to improve your surrounding’s durability and lifespan.

Fiberglass materials are compost of cultured marble and composite materials, which makes it much durable compared to other materials, thus lasting up to 20 years. However, its excellent characteristics come with a reasonable price; but its cost-effectiveness is rested assured with the best features.

When it comes to securing your panels, knowing the best way to effectively apply your surroundings helps ensure the longevity of its endurance. Make sure your walls are dried, and obstructions are already removed, so your panels will bond effectively. Guarantee each panel fit by laying it against the shower before installing or applying screws and caulk.

DIY works surely are a good thing when it comes to saving money and learning. But, for the best and good quality of work and results, better seek professional assistance. Apart from exquisite work quality, they can also help you achieve the look you want for your bathroom. Their expertise and experience let them know better when choosing the best product and design suitable for your desires.

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