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Bathtub to Shower in Santa Ana, CA

If you’re thinking of having a little makeover on your bathroom or is planning to convert your tub to shower remodel, it is always better to settle for a reliable service provider. Apart from ensuring a good quality of service, you can also save yourself from the agony of inefficient work.

Are you looking for the best and credible service provider to help you with your conversion from a bathtub to a shower in Santa Ana, CA? Worry no more with DURACARE Baths!

Under Mr. Cabinet Care, DURACARE Baths specialize in remodeling showers and bathrooms, shower replacements, and bath fitters since 1987, making them a great choice.

With their skills and knowledge, rest assured that each service they provide for the Santa Ana residents is at its best quality. So if you’re searching for the best service to help you with your bathroom shower remodel needs, don’t hesitate to approach one of our reliable brands at Bathtub to shower Santa Ana, California.

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DURACARE Baths Services

When it comes to services, DURACARE Baths is guaranteed to provide you a wide range of options if you reside in Santa Ana, California. Check out some of the services listed below that makes us remarkable:

DURACARE Baths Materials 

If you’re a resident at Santa Ana, CA, you can rest assured that all the material we’ll be using is only original acrylic with the best of durability, resistance to chemicals, and remarkable impact. Unlike other shower systems, acrylic ones are mildew resistant and more long-lasting. When it comes to furnishing projects, guaranteed that within two days, your bathroom will be at its best according to your desires.

Regardless of whether it would be a bath and shower remodeling, replacements, or conversions, you can always count on DURACARE Baths’ excellent service quality. Moreover, we are pleased to provide a budget-friendly service for our beloved Bathtub to shower Santa Ana, CA customers, when it comes to bathroom makeovers.

Shower to Tub Conversion  

It’s never too late to change things up in your bathroom, particularly in your shower. Bathtubs are the best place to rest and feel relaxed after a long and tiring day, which is why many homeowners are now converting their shower to tub. Aside from that, bathtubs are also ideal when you’re looking for your kids to enjoy every summertime.

Fortunately, you can always count on DURACARE Baths if you’re thinking of converting your shower to the bathtub as we work on whatever you desire, all with the best quality and wide range of options.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

DURACARE Baths knows how important understanding our customer’s requests and desires is for their bathroom. Luckily we can work whether it would be bathtub to shower or vice versa conversion.

While others see the good in bathtubs in terms of relaxation, others are concerns with their safety while taking a bath. Moreover, accidents such as slip and fall that usually occur on slippery surfaces like tubs can cause serious injuries, especially for adults.

Same as the shower to bathtub conversion working on showers does not require much time. With the exact measurements and our professional workforce, we will make sure that you’ll enjoy a much safer shower time. And, as we only use acrylic shower systems here at DURACARE Baths guaranteed that aside from safety, you can also achieve an aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

What do Santa Ana, CA Customers Say About DURACARE Baths?

Our dedication and strong will to provide the best of services for the bathtub to shower Santa Ana, California residents is the reason behind us winning two Best Houzz Awards for Excellent Customer Service and 13 times of being the Best Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company at Orange Country.

These awards are simply the fruit of our commitment to providing nothing but the best for the Santa Ana residents when it comes to bathroom matters. With your trust and our perseverance, we are certain to give good quality of service.

Are you planning to convert your bathtub and shower in Santa Ana, California? Have the best service provider in town, and get your free quote today!

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