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Bathtub to Shower in Tustin, CA

Bathtub to Shower in Tustin, CA

Are you finding a reliable Bathtub to shower services in Tustin, California for your bathroom remodeling project? If so, you are in good hands with DURACARE Baths. 

DURACARE Baths has been a trusted bath fitter remodeling bathrooms for decades and will continue to do so. All we want is for the customers to get the bathroom specifications that they want.

Mr. Cabinet Care has been in the industry of remodeling kitchens from cabinets to flooring since 1987. DURACARE Baths is one of its companies and promises to give the same service Mr. Cabinet Care does only to bathrooms. 

With these being said, we can make sure that our Tustin customers when it comes to their bathroom needs because we have been one of the most trusted brands in Tustin, California. 

Bathtub to Shower in Tustin, CA

What are the services DURACARE Baths have to offer? 

DURACARE Baths offers a wide extension of services to Tustin, CA residents. Some of our remarkable services are listed below, and these are: 

What Materials Does DURACARE Baths Use? 

We guarantee our Tustin, CA customers that we only use top-notch acrylic that is durable, impact, and chemical resistant. And because we love our customers so much, we offer convenient and affordable service to our Tustin, CA customers in bathroom remodeling. We only need one to two days to refurnish the bathroom. Whether tub-to-shower conversions, tub and shower replacements, or even liners on tubs and showers, DURACARE Baths can surely flush the old bathroom away into a new one. 

Shower to Tub Conversion 

Having a bathtub is exhilarating, especially after a day of hard work and that is why more and more people plan to convert their showers to bathtubs. If you plan to have a bathtub instead of a shower, DURACARE Baths is the perfect fit. If you have little kids in your house, you’ll most likely want to have a bathtub instead of a shower. 

There might be other companies that offer the same bathtub to each customer they have, but in DURACARE Baths, we make sure that you have lots of choices available. And unlike other services, DURACARE Baths only need one day to convert your shower to a bathtub. 

Tub to Shower Conversion

Others plan to convert their bathtubs to showers instead. This is because showers give a more modern look to bathrooms than bathtubs. Another reason why people convert from tubs to showers is because of safety. Slip and fall accidents occur more when using tubs because as we age, we may find it difficult to go in and out of the tub because of its tube sides.

Like our bathtub conversion, shower conversions also take short periods of time. We only need to have the exact measurements of your bathroom, and our team will do the rest. At DURACARE Baths, we use nothing but acrylic shower systems that are strong but still aesthetically pleasing. And unlike other shower systems, acrylic ones are mildew resistant and more long-lasting. 

What do Tustin customers Say About DURACARE Baths?

A few of the awards we garnered are Best Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company in Orange County for 13 times and two Best Houzz Awards for Excellent Customer Service. 

These recognitions are not given to us for no reason; this is because we do our best for our Tustin clients. We do not try to establish a reputable name for awards but the residents of Tustin. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a free quote now from the best Bathtub to shower remodeling company in California today!