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Infographic: Standard Bathroom Vs. Half Bath


Many homeowners ask themselves, “Why is a bathroom remodeling a good idea?” When it comes to designing or updating the bathroom, there are many reasons to consider taking on the project. You want to make sure that your home looks beautiful inside and out and that you update your current fixtures while bringing in new ones. If you have been thinking about updating the bathroom and you want to know what is a good idea, then here are some reasons why it can be a great idea for you.

One reason to consider a bathroom remodeling project is to update the look of your bathroom. Bathrooms tend to lose their appeal as time goes by. They don’t hold the same appeal they did when they were brand new or even several years old. Some people are just not satisfied with the way their bathrooms look now and so they want to do something about it. If this is you, then a bathroom remodeling company might be a great idea for you to look into. They will come in and take a look at your bathroom and give you some suggestions as to how you can update it without spending a lot of money or completely tearing everything out.

On the other hand, apart from its benefits, there are also other factors that you should consider before getting into bathroom remodeling one of which is whether to go for a standard or transform your bathroom into a half bath.



There are many differences between a standard bathroom and a half bath. The half bath is a smaller version of the common bathroom, being about three feet by five feet. A typical bathroom bench is much larger than what would be used in a half bath, often being between nine and ten feet in length, with the exception of a toilet seat which would usually be only about six feet in length. For this reason alone, it is easy to see how the term “half-bath” can be used as a general description of the bathroom, even though the two areas are actually quite different.

As previously stated, a half bath is not a true bathroom. It is a space-saving convenience item for the home. It is often used as a shower when one is traveling or visiting someone who is not going to the bathroom at the same time as the homeowner. Since half basins are about three feet by five feet, it is difficult to get one in a space where a standard bathroom would be required.

It is hard to draw any sort of general comparison between the toilet and shower in a half bath. However, most owners of such bathrooms’ report that they feel more like a half bath than a standard bathroom since the space required for a normal toilet is already being covered by the small enclosure that a half bath takes up. This allows for a greater degree of personal comfort and freedom of movement than would be allowed by a standard bathroom.

Since the vast majority of Americans have a half bath in their home, it is easy to see that there is no clear-cut answer as to whether or not they are any different than a standard bathroom. As we look at bathroom remodeling, we come to realize that there are differences between the two. The general idea of a standard bathroom is to create a room in which the user can bathe, shower, and groom himself. These are often built on a concrete foundation. In order to create these types of bathrooms, you would need a half bath. These half baths contain the toilet, the sink, the bathtub, cabinets for personal care items, and storage space and are generally much smaller than a standard bath.

When you think of bathroom remodeling you will find that there are also differences between the amount of space available to use and what can be used. A half bath would have a door on one side only and would be enough room for washing and drying the hair. These would be the most popular option for people who want a small bathroom. A standard bathroom, on the other hand, has no doors and is designed to be used as one long room. This allows more freedom of movement and bathing. It can have a bench in front for relaxation or a chair around the side to sit.

Conclusion: Regardless of your choice when it comes to any bathroom remodeling project it is important to know what are the other essential factors to consider before starting the project. Also, it is significant to only rely on professionals in terms of remodeling information, materials, and services. This way you can not only save money but also rest assured that your bathroom remodeling project would be successful.

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