Watching out for the latest bathroom trends or at least the ones that are predicted to dominate the bathroom renovation market in the 2020s is an excellent way to start the next decade. You can follow this forecast if you ever want to remodel your bathroom next year.  Putting More Plants in The Bathroom One […]

Maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom is a must in every household. If not properly taken care of, the bathroom can be the place where viruses and bacteria could thrive and spread diseases. The bathroom should not just be beautiful; it should also be squeaky-clean. Cleaning the lavatory could be a challenge for some, but […]

It would be only a few months before the year ends. This means that another decade will emerge out of human history. The influences of the 2010s in the world of interior design and architecture are unforgettable. However, there would be changes in design as a new decade comes. Because of this, the chances of […]

Showers are always installed with a bottom to contain the water and cleaning substances to avoid them from spreading across the bathroom. They are also used to support the weight of the people taking showers and to drain water properly. This is the purpose of the shower pans which are also known as shower trays […]