Shower walls give the shower a finished look. When doing a bathroom renovation, one of the most critical steps is choosing the material for shower walls – acrylic or tile? Most of the time, the decision comes down to the following factors – budget, available space, and personal preferences. Tiles give a stunning look and […]

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For homeowners who have a bathtub in their bathrooms, is your tub getting the least amount of use, or is it just taking up valuable space? Nowadays, tub-to-shower conversions are a hot trend as the thought of tub-less bathrooms may be “showering” homes with several benefits. Based on The American Institute of Architects’ 2013 Home […]

Often, nasty smells are found flowing in musky places, particularly the bathroom. As a result, this part of the home gets irritating and intolerable at times. Today, people use DIY bathroom air fresheners to combat these unpleasant odors. Not to mention, these air fresheners are available in various scents to help keep the surroundings beautiful […]